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How can I get a discount for the conference?

In addition to reduced prices during promotional periods, members of the Data Community Poland Association (formerly PLSSUG) who pay their membership dues on time are entitled to a discount (discount code). Moreover, discount codes can be won by participating in contests announced by the Association on social media. Therefore, it’s worth following us online.

Is it possible to attend the conference for free?

There is such a chance if you are an active speaker at local meetings of the Data Community Poland group (formerly PLSSUG). For details, inquire with the leader at the nearest group meeting. Read about how to find us here.

I am an employee of a State Institution, which is exempt from VAT. Will I receive an appropriate invoice in such a situation?

Certainly. In this case, please contact us by email after registration and receipt of the pro forma invoice. In this email, please provide a statement that the service will be entirely financed from public funds in accordance with art. 43 par. 1 point 29 lit.c, VAT Act.

Is it possible to pay for the service after the conference?

Unfortunately, currently, there is no such possibility. The Association incurs most of the costs associated with organizing the conference before the event.