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Grzegorz Stolecki

He started his adventure with computer science 30 years ago by writing BASIC programs for the Commodore C64 home computer. However, it has become permanently connected with the world of relational and multidimensional databases, moving gradually from dBase and Clipper through favorite SQL Server to big data and NoSQL.

Since the nineties of the last century, he has been dealing with the fascinating world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. He specializes in the design and implementation of analytical and reporting applications, especially in the areas of planning, budgeting, controlling and financial analysis. As a consultant with passion, he helps to take care of server performance and short query time.

He shares his knowledge and experience in his trainings and workshops. Active speaker at SQL Day conferences and other industry meetings. You can often meet him at Polish Data Community meetings. In 2009 – 2021 awarded by Microsoft with the title Most Valuable Professional in the area of SQL Server and Data Platform.