Just Blindbæk

Just Thorning Blindbæk

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Big data, Databricks and now also Synapse Analytics. Microsoft really focuses on how to put together BI and DWH solutions that can handle huge volumes of data. But what about the „ordinary” solutions in the SME market? How do we put together a sensible and affordable Azure solution for them? Where we can reuse the competencies we have already built from making the same solutions on SQL Server.

In this workshop we will go through and show how to setup a simple E(L)TL framework based on Data Factory, Data Lake, SQL DB and Power BI. All code is freely available for attendees to use and implement.

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Pól dnia (4 godziny)

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Wykład (prezentacja + demo)



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Cena standardowa: 550 PLN (online 275 PLN) + VAT

Last minute: 750 PLN (online 375 PLN) + VAT