Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen
Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

Workshop description

Power BI Desktop is Microsoft’s free tool for self-service BI. It’s updated every single month with exciting new features and Gartner declared it since 2019 to THE leading BI Tool (which led Tableau and Qlik behind). In this full day workshop, we take a look on Power BI Desktop’s possibilities concerning Artificial Intelligence. The functionalities are reaching from simple context menus, to e. g. get an explanation for a peak in a value over time, to ingesting a self-deployed Azure Machine Learning web service.
The agenda contains all the listed features, which we will discuss and try out on concrete examples:
• Q & A & Smart Narrative
• Quick Insights
• What-if Parameter
• Analytic Line
• Data Profiling
• R & Python Integration
• Smart Custom Visuals
• Key Influencer Visual
• Column by Example
• Decision Tree
• Cognitive Services
• Azure Machine Learning

The exercises contain both, no-code solutions and complex scripts in DAX, R, Python, and M. Knowledge in those languages are helpful but not necessary.
Don’t forget to bring you Laptop!

Length of the workshop:

Full day (8 hours)

Key takeaways

The attendees will learn how to apply built-in smart features to gain insights faster in Power BI Desktop.
The attendees will learn how to write scripts in DAX, R, Python and M to enrich the existing data with machine learning.
The attendees will learn how to reach out to Azure to apply machine learning models on the dat

Form of the workshop

Lecture (slides + demos), Practice (exercises for attendees)

What attendees need to prepare?

Most current version of Power BI Desktop (not older than December 2020)

R open 3.4.4 & R Studio (optional; for exercises with R Scripts)
Python 3.8 (optional; for exercises with Python Scripts)
Pro license (optional; for exercises in Power BI Service)
Premium license (optional; for exercises with AI Insights)
Azure (trial) license (optional; for exercises with Cognitive Services)
Trial license for (optional; for exercises with Azure Machine Learning Studio classic)

A second screen is recommended for the exercises.