Rob Farley

Rob Farley
Rob Farley

Workshop description

I can’t be there in person this time to explain internals using flip charts, so I’ll write on the computer screen instead, drawing diagrams to explain what’s going on with inside your indexes and query plans, and what I look for to make queries run faster.

We’ll explore a lot of different constructs together and learn the relationships between the queries we write, the operators that make up execution plans to run our queries, and ways they use the structures which hold our data.

And by exploring the way they run using drawings rather than slides, you’ll gain a fresh understanding of how they work, bringing your performance tuning to a new level.

Length of the workshop:

Half day (4 hours)

Key takeaways

Attendees will learn how data is stored, how operators get at the data, and how to use this to tune queries

Form of the workshop

Lecture (slides + demos)

What attendees need to prepare?