Reid Havens

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Failing to deliver a well-designed Power BI Report is a common reporting pitfall. High-quality data models lose meaning if presented in a poorly designed report. Well-designed reports should convey information accurately and efficiently to a non-technical user by telling a story with the data. Data stories are told by leveraging key performance indicators, visualizations, filters, and interactive report elements.

This course will walk through many elements of ineffective report design, how to fix them, and bring their data to life. Students will learn about visual cues and how certain chart types can convey data more accurately than others. Students will also learn about how to enhance report design by adding elements such as: bookmarks, measure based conditional formatting, report page tooltips, and what-if scenarios. Finally, students will learn how to layer visualizations to create customized visualizations to meet unique business requirements.

Kluczowe punkty

  • Create high quality interactive reports
  • Leverage proven report design principals to express data appropriately

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