Lech Kalinowski

Dr Lech Kalinowski – Doctor of physical sciences. In 2013-2015 he gets scholar of the Marshal of the Silesia Voivodeship for the research having true impact on regional industry. Head of the National Science Centre (NCN) grant in 2015-2018. Multiple manager of grants for young scientists funded by the Institute of Physics in Katowice. Expert of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology IZTECH. A teacher of applied computer science and an inventor. An expert of the “Nanonet” – Nanotechnology Foundation for Nanotechnology Development and the “Silesian Nanotechnology Cluster”.

In 2018, he became the winner of the Nvidia GPU Academic Grant Program, thanks to which he gained support in conducting research using advanced methods of deep learning and machine learning in physics. He gained his research experience at the du Maine University in Le Mans. He worked on many research projects, through electronic paper technologies (with Zikon inc. cooperation), cancer drugs development for PDT therapy to strongly correlated electronic systems in which he held his Ph. D. Now he is a machine learning and blockchain developer at Future Processing industry recognized polish software company winner of many international awards like for example “The Forbs Diamonds” and “European Business Awards”.