Dejan Sarka

Dejan Sarka

Workshop description:

Many times, you wish you could have some more powerful tool than the Transact-SQL (T-SQL) language for working with data. You might need to enable your users to use word search in your string columns or in Office documents to give them similar experience like they get when they search the web. You might need to implement constraints and do the data analysis with functions that are simply not implemented in T-SQL. Or you might need to maintain multiple versions of data over the time and be able to query the state of the data from the past.
All these features mentioned are sometimes referred as “beyond relational”. However, data type and language support in a specific database management product has nothing to do with the relational model, which is purely logical model. For many years, we used to associate a RDBMS with the SQL language and simple data types; but there are no limitations for both in the relational model. Therefore, I prefer to use the term “beyond classical RDBMS”.
1. Advanced search with Full-Text Search
2. CLR integration
3. Temporal support
4. Leveraging external engines: R, Python, Java
5. XML Support in SQL Server
6. Using JSON
7. CLR and Spatial data
8. Graph data

Length of the workshop:

Half day (4 hours)

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Lecture (slides + demos)



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Speaker available online only.

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