Hugo Kornelis

Hugo Kornelis

Workshop description

For troubleshooting slow queries, looking at the execution plan is a good starting point. But sometimes, just looking at the plan does not help. Sometimes you need to dig deeper.

In this full-day workshop, you will learn everything you need to be take your understanding of execution plans to the next level. For almost every operator you can encounter in an execution plan, we will look at the inner workings, and look at properties that can affect their performance. We will also look at how operators in a plan interact with and affect each other.

Aside from explaining all of the common operators, we will also touch on several operators that were introduced or modified in the newer versions of SQL Server, and preview some changes that have been announced for future versions.

In short: After this workshop, you will be better prepared to look at execution plans, find the spo where it hurts, and then rewrite your query to get a faster execution plan.

If you have seen some execution plans but feel you need to bring your understanding to the next level, then this workshop is for you.

Length of the workshop:

Full day (8 hours)

Key takeaways

Attendees will learn how to read execution plans; what each operator does; how they interact; and how those interactions might be the root cause of their bad performing query

Form of the workshop

Lecture (slides + demos), Practice (exercises for attendees)

What attendees need to prepare?

A fresh mind, lots of rest, pen and paper, coffee