Kamil Nowiński

Blogger, speaker, #sqlfamily member. Data passionate, Data engineer and architect.
Over 13 years programming and experience with SQL Server databases (since 2000 version) he confirmed by certificates MCITP, MCP, MCTS, MCSA, MCSE Data Platform & Data management & analytics. He worked both as developer and administrator big databases designing systems from the scratch. Passionate about tuning database engines, code transparency and maximising performance database engine.
He ended the work of the architect in a project of building a data warehouse for the Ministry of finance in the e-duty program three years ago.
Currently, he is expanding new horizons as a contractor in the UK market, making troubleshooting, prototyping BI solutions, enhancing existing processes among Microsoft stuff environments, popularizing the DevOps approach and efficient solutions in the cloud.
He loves self-development, automation, explore new technology and share his knowledge with everybody who wants to.
From many years tied with Data Community Poland (former PLSSUG), since 2012 acts as a Member of the Audit Committee. He worked couple years as a volunteer and now as a co-organizer and speaker of the biggest SQL Server conference in Poland (SQLDay).
An originator of the “Ask SQL Family” podcast and founder of SQLPlayer blog.
Privately happy husband and father of almost five years old Sylwia and a two years old Kinga.