Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes is a Senior Program Manager in the Data Platform group, with special focus on the Relational Engine for all in-market versions of SQL Server.

He also connects closely with several high profile SQL Server customers and partners in the field, to understand more about product usage and gather feedback that drives improvements back into the product.

He has extensive background in performance tuning and optimization, and has co-developed several of Microsoft’s WorkshopPLUS courses in these topics.

He blogs about all things SQL at and, home of AdaptiveIndexDefrag, where he also shares T-SQL scripts in the SQL Swiss Army Knife series for everyday troubleshooting and performance analysis.

He regularly delivers technical presentations at conferences and user groups, including SQL Saturday, 24H of PASS, PASS Summit, SQL Bits, local User Groups, and internal Microsoft events such as Safe Passage, C+E Bootcamp or TechReady.

TigerToolbox-SQL Best Practices and Performance checks

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Enhancements that will make your SQL Server roar-SP1 Ed.


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