Leonel Abreu

Leonel Abreu

A BI consultant who likes to play chess and baseball

System Engineer degree since 2007 from Jose Antonio Paez University, Formerly Microsoft Student Partner (2006, 2007), Second Place in Microsoft Andean Imagine Cup (2006), MCTS, MCITP and MCP with over a decade of experience with SQL Server, working in BI, DBA, Development and other areas.

After successful experiences in several SQL Saturdays events around Europe (Bratislava, Reykjavik, Bucharest, Vienna), SQL Day means for me a nice challenge.

Time Travel with Temporal Tables

Sala D

Temporal Tables is a new feature in SQL Server 2016, that allows to see the data (in one or more tables) exactly as they were in a point of time ago. In this session will be shown the most useful scenarios: Auditing efects Trending Analytics A cloud based approach to handle Historical Data

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