Hélio Vogas

Hélio Vogas

Actual Ninja (you can research about Bujinkan :)

After attending many conferences, getting pumped up at them and giving up on the newly learned strategies, Hélio started asking others attendees at the conferences and he found out that most people had the same problem. Committed to find out why only a few people go to a conference and that conference have a huge impact on them while most fail to consistently implement the lessons, Hélio found the key differences that made that happen. The next conference he attended completely changed his business and now he will be sharing with you how you too, can have this conference taking your business or career to the next level.

Time to Hustle: How to Consistently Implement Everything You Learn at SQLDAY 2017

Sala C

The secret to succeed with new skills and strategies is to keep using them until the initial hurdles are over. That’s when you start reaping the rewards for your new actions. After attending a conference, everyone gets hyped up and excited to start implementing what they’ve learned. Unfortunately, just a few weeks after the conference […]