Denis Reznik

Denis Reznik

Data Architect at Intapp

Denis works as a Data Architect at Intapp, Inc. He has a wide experience in the development of the applications, databases and other solutions based on data. Denis is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2010 and PASS Regional Mentor for Central and Eastern Europe since 2016. He loves to speak about SQL Server and Data at conferences and user-group meetings and actively participates in the development of SQL Community.

Query Execution: Expectation – Reality


Yes, this is a very common problem: you expect something, but reality is a bit different. You expect that query will run 1 sec, but it runs (Oh, my God!) 1 hour. You expect that your query will perform an index seek, but it performs index scan instead. You expect your query doesn’t use locks, […]

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Data Driven Future

Sala C

Of course, you know what data is. Probably you know what Big Data and small data is. But what’s the heck is that buzz about data? Why is it so important today? These are the questions which will be the topic of the session. This session will be beyond the definitions and descriptions. We will […]