Performance Tuning When You Can’t Fix the Queries

Sala A

Your users are frustrated because the app is too slow, but you can’t change the queries. Maybe it’s a third party app, or maybe you’re using generated code, or maybe you’re just not allowed to change it. Take heart – there’s still hope. Brent Ozar does this every week, and he’ll share his proven methodologies to performance tune with indexes, SQL Server configuration switches, and hardware.

In this one-day workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Simplified internals – how SQL Server turns your query into an execution plan
  • Wait stats solutions – a list of fixes for most common bottlenecks
  • Plan cache analysis – how to discover the most resource-intensive queries so you know if indexes and hardware will work
  • Monitoring metrics – what DMVs and Perfmon counters to monitor, and what thresholds to alert on
  • Hardware warning signs – how to prove your server is undersized for your workloads
  • Tools and scripts – the best free and paid tools to make your tuning job easier

This session is for developers, DBAs, and consultants who have to make SQL Server go faster. You should be comfortable writing queries and creating tables, but not as confident about interpreting SQL Server’s DMVs and diagnostic data.

This session will be demo-heavy, and you can play along. You’ll need a laptop running SQL Server 2005 or newer, with at least 100GB of free drive space. We’ll distribute the Stack Overflow demo databases on USB drives for you to restore, and you can follow along with the demos. You’ll get the load test scripts, run them against your laptop, and see how we solve various challenges.

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