Developing SQL Server Applications that Perform

Sala C

So many SQL Server applications today are so slow, even simple ones, yet the product is capable of amazing performance, even in tier-1 organizations. Greg spends his life working with SQL Server developers (from the smallest startup software houses to many large tier-1 organizations), working with them to get their applications flying.

In this one-day workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How SQL Server indexes work
  • How data type choices affect index performance
  • How to design appropriate table structures and indexes
  • How indexing issues appear in query plans
  • How to use query plans and other tools to find out why your queries aren’t performing as expected
  • Where columnstores fit into this picture (where you should and shouldn’t use them)
  • Where in-memory OLTP fits into this picture (where you can and can’t use memory-optimized tables and native compilation)
  • How to avoid common application performance design mistakes and anti-patterns that Greg sees regularly

This session is for developers, DBAs, and consultants who need to know how to build better SQL Server applications, and to understand why SQL Server applications are slow. This is a workshop so bring a laptop and try the exercises.

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